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Over March 13 – 15 2010, 300 people from around Australia came to Canberra for the second ever climate action summit, and spent three days planning, learning and sharing skills.

Th Summit developed campaign goals and tactics over the key areas of election campaigning, coal, renewable energy, working with trade unions and campaigning for a safe climate. Participants also further developed the network structure and made additions to our shared policy platform.

You can download the decisions from the campaign decision making plenary on Sunday night here.

It includes a timeline of events, election strategy and tactics and statements of support.

Below is a quick summary of the campaign decisions.

Monday included a decision making session on policy, the results of which can be found here.

Amendments were also made to the network stream on Sunday, and the revised foundation document for the Community Climate Network can be downloaded from here.

A number of videos of the presentations can be found here and some photos here.

Campaign stream decisions

Timeline for 2010 events:

April 1: International fossil fools day
May 2: Launch of 100% renewables campaign
Saturday June 5: World Environment Day
June/July: month of Hazelwood action
July: public day of action on Hazelwood
June/July: potential for a national day of coal action
October 2 -­ 3: Hazelwood direct action
October 10: International day of Action – 350.org
November 27: Victorian State Election
November: NSW Bayswater Climate Camp

Additional dates:

1: National Door Knock Day before the federal election but no date set (see below)
2: Walk against warming likely to be held in each state before the Federal Election
3: Federal Election sometime between August and the end of the year.

Election Strategy

Climate action groups and the climate movement are encouraged to start campaigning early in their local areas as well as supporting Labor/Green or Liberal/Green marginal seats campaigns. The climate action movement will maintain political independence.

Election Demands

An end to Fossil fuel subsidies
A moratorium on new coal power stations
A guarantee for just transition to clean jobs for workers in polluting industries
Direct investment to create 100% renewable energy
Replace Australia’s dirtiest power station, Hazelwood, with clean energy by 2012
Put a price on carbon through an effective carbon levy

Statements of Support

Support for the 100% Renewable Campaign, and it’s tactics

The first three tactics of the 100% renewable campaign to be:
• Photo petition
• Community Surveys on renewable energy
• Visits to MPs

Support for the Xstrata Tahmoor Miners

(The climate action summit recommends that climate activists join their union and build pressure within their union and workplace on climate action. The climate action summit supports the formation of a working group on climate jobs and union involvement in the climate movement. If you are interested in being involved with this network please provide your contact details to williammudford@hotmail.com or call 0423 445 339).

Support for the Transition Decade’s Getting to Yes campaign

Establishment of a climate science resource on summit/network website



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