2012 Summit: program now available

The program (which is subject to change) can be downloaded here.

There will be ‘open spaces’ sessions available for anyone who would like to host a workshop that isn’t in the program. 

Please contact us at climateactionsummit@gmail.com.


One thought on “2012 Summit: program now available

  1. WOuld like to suggest a topic that aylwas concerns me that is doing some easy things in current circumstances to reduce our use of resources, and to encourage people to think of a more frugal approach to life within current structures. eg changing air-conditioning temperatures in public buildings to avoid the freezing temps of summer and sauna-like temps of winter; reducing ubiquitous use of plastic bin liners and disposable crockery and cutlery in coffee shops and public entertainment events; level of lighting in shops etc at night. Becoming conscious of unneccessary use of resources gives a chance of reducing emissions and resource use now and could create a mind-set more receptive to the greater structural changes that we need.

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