Community Climate Network

The Community Climate Network

The Community Climate Network is a network of climate action groups across
Australia that shares a common vision and purpose . The Network was formed after
the 2010 Climate Action Summit at the ANU in Canberra. The framework (you can read all about it here) that determines how the Network functions, was produced after many meetings of a group that was formed at the 2010 Summit. A workshop will be held at the 2012 Climate Action Summit to look at the Framework and the purpose of the CCN.

The network is facilitated by a Network Facilitation Group that is composed of at most three representatives per State or Territory. The role of the Network Facilitation Group is to promote communication within the CCN, support State- based and regional networks, coordinate the production of a network bulletin, and make sure a working group is set up to organise the next Climate Action Summit. The network needs people from all states to participate in order to continue and nominations are sought from climate activists to be involved.


We face a climate emergency. Our vision is to work together at emergency speed
to restore in a just way a safe climate in time for all people, all species and all


To build a diverse, participatory grassroots climate action movement; support the
exchange of knowledge, skills and resources; implement the outcomes of national
Climate Action Summits; and to facilitate major campaigns.


2 thoughts on “Community Climate Network

  1. Please register on this website asap, so you don’t miss out on this amazing event.
    Seats for the Saturday dinner with entertainment by comedian/educator Rod Quantock are much more limited than the other Summit sessions, so get in early before they are sold out!

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