2011: Presentations

Below are some other papers that summit workshop and panel presenters have made available for download:

David Spratt’s presentation on recent climate science from the panel Bridging the gap from science to politics: PDF

Trent Hawkins’ presentation from the Zero Carbon buildings workshop: PDF

Jane Morton’s presentation from the Don’t mention the emergency workshop on messaging: Powerpoint presentation

Lefkothea Pavlidis’ paper from the panel Bridging the gap from science to politics: PDF

Victoria McKenzie-McHarg’s Web link resources from the workshop on lobbying politicians: Word document

Janet Rice facilitated the workshop Journey to zero carbon transport and has provided the following notes: PDF

Bruce Poon’s presentation from the workshop Eat your way to a safe climate: Powerpoint

Bob Thomas presented a workshop on the Transition Towns movement, and has provided us with his talk (word document) and slides (PDF)

Erima Dall’s notes from the workshop she presented on Alternatives to carbon pricing: Word document

Michael Power has provided his notes from the workshop Climate litigation: (Powerpoint presentation) and a summary of your rights against coal mines (PDF)

Janet Rice spoke in the workshop on Building a people’s power movement in the streets and has provided her paper (PDF) and a summary of Climate Emergency Network mobilising strategy (PDF)

Holly Hammond spoke on the debate on messaging, “Climate Emergency” – powerful truth-telling or a turn-off? as well as the workshop on avoiding activist burnout and has provided some web link resources related to both these: Word document


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