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From 31st January – 3rd February 2009, community climate action groups from across the continent came together at Australia’s Climate Action Summit in Canberra. The Summit aimed to make the community climate moclimate-canberra09-4vement in Australia more effective and more coherent, and to help set the agenda for the second year of the Rudd Government.

The first three days of the Summit were attended by up to 500 participants. The objectives of these three days included:

  • developing an effective campaign strategy for the community climate action movement;
  • developing a more formalised network;
  • discussing and agreeing on a wide range of policy demands;
  • sharing skills in nonviolent direct action, lobbying, facilitation and more.

To these ends, the Summit was a success. Please see the headings below for links to the Summit outcomes in these areas.

The fourth day of the Summit was a mass demonstration at Parliament House, attended by an estimated 2,500 people. Everyone at the demonstration wore red to symbolise the global climate emergency, and we succeeded in forming a human chain all the way around Parliament!

Follow the links below to read about the proceedings and outcomes of the different streams running at the Summit.




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